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    by SouthEastCameraCranes

    We created this video to give people a real sense of what a Telescopic Camera Crane Can do. We shot this using two Scorpio telescopic camera cranes (more commonly referred to as Technocranes) & three RED ONE CAMERAS. The 23' Mini Scorpio is the most versatile telescopic camera crane in the world. It's dolly wheels fold in, allowing it to fit through a common 30" doorway. This crane works in confining interiors that couldn't fit any other telescopic crane. The arm has 18' of travel allowing it to work as the perfect dolly. It's the only crane that has "Arc Compensation" that allows the arm to automatically run a straight line vertically or horizontally. You can program repeatable moves & limits when needed. There are only four of these 23' Scorpio Cranes in the U.S. We are the proud owners of one here in Miami, Created, Directed & Edited by Russell Fogle, Produced by Jason Dove, Executive Producer Annika Kielland. See more at