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    Jennifer Aniston rates Lindsay Lohan


    by ODN


    Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, is apparently a fan of Lindsay Lohan.

    The actress has reportedly said she thinks people should give Li-Lo a break.

    Aniston has been turning her hand to directing, and has allegedly said she would consider the Mean Girls star for one of her movies.

    Aniston apparently believes that Lohan is an incredibly talented actress.

    Li-Lo has had another run-in with the law over some stolen jewellery.

    A one-of-a-kind $2500 (£1500) necklace was stolen from a store near where the actress lives in Venice, California.

    Police obtained a warrant to search Lohan's house, but the necklace was mysteriously returned to them before they could enter the premises.

    Li-Lo is currently on probation and has been warned by the LA Superior Court that if she is involved in any more trouble, she will serve a six month jail sentence.