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LIVE - Just Being IS Doing - It Is Enough

7 years ago178 views

2011-02-03 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 6 Reed ♥ "TRANSCRIPT" Intro: I come for joy to the web cam this day. With empty head, and no desired outcome or intent but just to be, I turn the thing on. As usual, no idea of what is to be said. I am just here, just now, yet I am in the heart of the All - of every atom and cell. There is no where I need go, and no thing I need do. It is a strange place of being, at least for the mind, which cannot figure this out at all. I was surprised to find myself sharing my views on Abraham Hicks, but that’s what happened. I enjoyed that teaching for a while, and have nothing negative to say about Jerry or Esther or anyone or anything involved with it. This is, rather, my own understanding and why I left of listening to that teaching. They (Abraham) focus entirely to deeply and intensely into material life. There is such intensive teaching on how to acquire things - how to manifest - how to be happy as defined in material terms. It baffled me how beings of higher dimensions or planes would be willing to delve so deeply into the minutiae of 3D form and living. I just didn’t get it. Why not draw us up, instead, right out of our perennial 3D focus into the higher planes? Anyway, this could and may well be a flaw in my own vision, so don’t take it as anything against Abraham. It’s just my way of seeing things. That 3D focus doesn’t work for me. I don’t choose to identify with materiality this way. I don’t define success that way. I could care less what I drive, what I own, and all of that. It falls right off the map as being worthy of my focus of attention. To just be, to just shine is enough. Staying anchored in heart, all is accomplished, the way I see it. This is too simple for some... Distributed by Tubemogul.