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    UEFA EURO Football Championship Ticket Purchasing to Begin


    by NTDTelevision

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    The UEFA European Football Championship is set to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland beginning in June 2012. But as our correspondents report, fans who want to attend have to order their tickets using a special system.

    Tickets for the UEFA European Football Championship in Kyiv, Ukraine will be distributed to the winners of a special lottery. Fans who want to attend the games, which begin in June 2012, need to go to the website and register, by creating an online account.

    [Martin Kallen, Operations Director, UEFA Events S.A.]:
    "There is no other official channel which sells tickets."

    This year, tickets range from $40 to over $800.

    Citizens of host countries can pay in Ukrainian hryvnias or the Polish zloty, all others must pay in euros. And only credit cards will be accepted.

    During the month of February, fans can create an online user account ahead of time. Then, when March arrives, they will be automatically entered into the pool of ticket applicants. If there are more applicants than spaces, a special lottery will be held in April.

    Tickets can be paid for in December, and will be sent out right before the match begins in June 2012.

    [Rainer Berak, Ticketing Manager]:
    "Holding tickets in the hands will only happen a few weeks before the tournament. This is a common practice and actually has proven to be the right way to do it for a lot of reasons."

    This is the first time a ticket can be resold on the official website. The total number of tickets on sale is 1.4 million. Tickets will not be sold during the tournament.

    NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.