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    Ample Snowfall in Kashmir, Benefits Tourism & Agriculture


    by NTDTelevision

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    India's Kashmir Valley has received more snowfall this year than the past two years. It's replenished the state's water resources and will also benefit agriculture and tourism.

    Below freezing temperatures and ample snowfall have brought relief for the people of the valley region in India's Jammu and Kashmir state.

    The region had seen very scanty snowfall in the last two years and the glaciers were receding in the state. Glaciers are a prime source of water for the locals, and the snowfall has replenished the glaciers.

    A researcher on snow mapping expressed his happiness on the increased level of snowfall.

    [Erfan Rashid, Researcher]:
    "Since the snowfall is on time, the water resources will be good, there will be no problems in agriculture, the agriculture productivity, the boon of the economy of Kashmir that is also expected to be good. As far as tourism is concerned, that is also expected to be good."

    Kashmir's economy, environment and livelihood are dependent on the snowfall and glacier sources.