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    Federal Crimes - Be Careful

    Douglas McNabb

    by Douglas McNabb


    Federal agents can cannot.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has held that it is okay for federal agents to trick, lie, and deceive as part of the investigatory process. Do not answer any of their questions. Do not try to explain why their theory of the facts is wrong. You can not control the questions that the agents ask, but more importantly, you can not control their interpretation of your answers. The U.S. Congress has said that if an agent comes to you and says, "We are investigating mail fraud activity that occurred yesterday, at such and such a location, did you do it?" and you say, "No," and you are later charged and convicted of mail fraud, the agents can come back and charge you with lying to a federal agent. This is a separate criminal offense that ...

    Attorney Douglas C. McNabb is a federal criminal defense lawyer who is the Senior Principal in the law firm McNabb Associates, P.C.