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    2011 NFL Pro Bowl - Tecmo Style! Starters


    by Muuro

    This is one COM vs COM game of Tecmo Super Bowl in which the players on the Pro Bowl teams were editted to correspond to players on the 2011 Pro Bowl. This is with the starters in. AFC roster:

    QB BJ Tolliver
    QB Jeff George
    RB Lorenzo White
    RB Allen Pinkett
    RB Todd McNair
    RB Gerald McNeil
    WR Bill Brooks
    WR Vance Johnson
    WR Stephone Paige
    WR Irving Fryar
    TE Ethan Horton
    TE Derrick Walker
    OL Ray Donaldson
    OL Courtney Hall
    OL Chris Gambol
    OL Paul Farren
    OL Jeff Criswell
    DL Sam Clancy
    DL Robert Banks
    DL William Fuller
    LB Hugh Green
    LB David Grayson
    LB Richard Harvey
    LB Clay Matthews
    DB Maurice Hurst
    DB Tony Stargell
    DB Fred Marion
    DB Kevin Porter
    K Jerry Kauric
    P Jeff Gossett

    (NFC roster is in the description for the backups game.)