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    Was US Involved In Egyptian Uprising? The Wikileaks ...

    Mario Hemsley

    by Mario Hemsley

    ( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show: The Eqypt conflict continues to occupy our thoughts, and the Empress DeVeaux is in the house today as we ask the question how is the US really viewed overseas? We take a look, and you may be surprised and troubled at what you see and hear. Mac McAllister brings new insights into the most famous homeless man with an animation called “The Continuing Saga of Ted Williams”, and we follow with a piece from Rodney Porter of Homeless Not Helpless Tv called “Survival”. DVD are being given away, as we take a moment to look at a new documentary “Sir, No Sir” (, that documents how soldier’s refusal to carryout orders helped to end the conflict in Vietnam. Wow! Good news includes souvenir condoms planned for royal wedding, and a new promotional campaign has Ken wooing Barbie for Valentine’s Day. Come on down! (02-01-11) Distributed by Tubemogul.