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    by Ionsun4life



    The most important thing is to find the plan that suits your needs and helps you save the most. So you figure out how many minutes or texts you need and then go looking for the company that offers it the cheapest. For me that company was tracfone. I get 240 minutes for 90 days when I buy the 120 minute card in combination with the double minutes card.
    By MegBeth125 years ago
    hi panthers03, I would say that Tracfone is the better choice when it comes to pre paid phones. And i say this for one reason, because they are a huge company. I think they also own straighttalk and Net10, which are pretty big prepaid companies. So Tracfone offers security, good reception, and the prices are ridiculously affordable i mean you can pay as little as & dollars a month. I always buy the 1 year card though, fits me.
    By miagui885 years ago
    I guess I need a little guidance. Coming from a contract phone, how do you really know which prepaid is best?I've read that tracfone has the lowest out of pocket costs and longer service time. And, I already know about the SVC phone, which in my opinion is great for both seniors and young kids. Of the other phones that they offer, which one is best for a moderate talker but minimal text messaging?
    By panthers035 years ago