Whistler Powder Monkeys

Broadband Sports

by Broadband Sports

So one day Nokia mails me this fancy N8 cell phone, and tells me that if I make a sweet video with it, that I could get sent to the Zero Gravity Chamber at NASA in Florida. This is the video I made, so please watch it, share it with your friends, and "Like" it on Facebook AND YouTube so that I can float weightlessly down at NASA Cape Carnaveral! It would be awesome! Thanks.

I filmed this entire clip of me and my bros shredding the gnar around Whistler over the course of two weeks during the Christmas holiday 2010. The snow gods blessed Whistler with over 2 meters of snow over 5 days and it made for some EPIC shredding and snowmobiling. Sledding around Brandywine was unreal. And Singing Pass on a pow day? Doesn't get any better.