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    Your Identity — Can You Find Yourself Here?

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2011-01-31 1st Journal, Mayan day 3 Dog ♥ TRANSCRIPT: NOTE: PLEASE VISIT THE TRANSCRIPT. It 'says' more in the written version. “These I’s (eyes), through which I hoped to see God are the I’s (eyes) through which God sees me” Sufi saying, modified ;-) May I welcome you to the Kingdom of Heart? I Am That I Am, every I Am; all that which is, all that which is not. Not a body, nor a mind, nor yet even a soul in a body; I am all of that, and none of it, and more... as are we all. I am not the whole god, the whole of Source; I do but partake of Its essence, as a drop of water to the ocean depth. Retaining sufficient independence to appreciate Spirit's joyous, even hilarious sense of humor, I retain individuality, even while losing identity. Thus (to go) out is in, and in is out. In the timelessness of the present, of the ever-present Now, I am one with all Life. As Love, I am the foundation of that Life, of all of Cosmos, the entire quantum hologram. I am at the heart of every atom and electron, as its essence, as That Love. (I am in your heart, too :-) Unlimited to the 3rd dimension, to time and to space, I travel freely, in awareness, where I will. As all time is now, is simultaneous in 4D and above, I live all lifetimes, past, present, future—everywhen—right now, concurrent. I access them at will, and by grace. Thus now is then, and then is now, in this Kingdom of Heart. ... Distributed by Tubemogul.