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    UN Chief Addresses African Union Summit on Egyptian Crisis


    by NTDTelevision

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    At a meeting of African leaders in Addis Ababa, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon warns against social instability in Egypt. And French President Nicolas Sarkozy says events in Egypt and Tunisia could mark a new chapter.

    On Sunday, United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon called for Egypt's government and protesters to show restraint during the current period of unrest.

    Speaking to reporters at an African Union summit dominated by the political crises in Egypt and Ivory Coast, he stressed the need for stability.

    [Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary General]:
    “Now it is also important that all this kind of expression of their wishes should be done in a peaceful way. Their demonstrations, they have the right to express their wishes in demonstrations but all this should not lead to social instability and political instability and should be handled in a peaceful manner.”

    The U.N. secretary-general also urged African leaders at the summit to stand firm against efforts by Ivory Coast's incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo to hang on to power.

    The African Union (AU) announced late on Friday that it would form a panel of five heads of state to resolve the leadership crisis in Ivory Coast.

    [Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary General]:
    “I welcome (the) African Union decision to tackle this problem within a month through the work of the high level panel. The United Nations stands ready to work as close as possible with this panel.”French President Nicolas Sarkozy highlighted the need for reform in the African world before broaching the subject of Egypt.

    [Nicolas Sarkozy, French President]:
    "France will be at the side of Tunisians and Egyptians during this crucial period, that isn't just a crucial period for these two countries, but the world.”

    He suggested that Egyptian protests would impact the rest of the world.