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Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2011-01-30 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 2 Water or Offering ♥ "TRANSCRIPT" Intro: A special day for the new Arkansas free state Republic - we voted in our new state constitution today. A special time. All of the 50 states are doing this, as well. Peaceful non-compliance with the corporate federal government that’s taken over the United States. People standing up, saying thanks, but we’ve had enough. I’m one of those. So much is going on in the world that we can see. Yet there is so very much more that we are told nothing of - behind-the-scenes things. Well, my message to you is that you DO know these things - somewhere in heart. If all is truly one, then on some level we all know these things - in our Higher Self, perhaps. Can we access this with the conscious, 3D mind? Not very likely. But we can at least touch bases with it in heart. We know what is ahead - what is about to happen. Let us take those few steps back from this level of being - this 3D realm. Let’s disidentify enough to begin to realize it’s a play that we’re in, or a schoolroom. Let’s not take everything quite so seriously. It is mind that is doing that - not the real you. This 3D realm is no easy place to be. In order to be here we had to let go of so much - to forget such a lot. The most beautiful aspects of Self we had to forget to enter this harsh realm. Well, it isn’t harsh for much longer. Everything is in the midst of changing. Still, for now it is still quite a challenge to be here. One day we, in the higher realms, will be laughing about all of this. We will be so appreciative of the parts that we played. If we can step back a few paces we can get more in touch with this. We can remember to have some fun with it. It wasn’t meant to be so deadly serious. Only the mind takes itself so very seriously. .. Distributed by Tubemogul.