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    Visit For The Ramen Girl , Forum & Discussions 2 The next day, she comes back, and sits down at the counter. He gives her another bowl of ramen and she eats. As she eats, she breaks into uncontrollable giggles, as does another patron. The following day she returns, but is told they are out of ramen. Seeing the wife's swollen ankles, she insists on helping instead. After the night is through, she is passed out asleep in the back. They shoo her out, but as she is walking away she realizes she wants to cook ramen. Rushing back into the store, she begs him to teach her how to cook ramen. He argues, but finally gives in and tells her to come the next day at 5. She shows up at 5 am, in high heels and a dress, only to be put to work scrubbing the toilet and cleaning pots and pans. Weeks go by and all he gives her to do is cleaning in the hopes that she quits, but she comes back. While working there as a waitress, she wins the hearts of all who come in, including two older women who are regular customers, and a middle aged male regular who develops a crush on her. Hope you like it...