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[Draft] German Medley? Super Smash Bros, RPG or what?


por Kyuumi

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Dailymotion destroyed audio quality like always. D:

This is a filler. Sort of. Because it will take a while for me to post something new. I'll probably delete this later. I'm sorry. orz

I have a strange hobby. I know.
This is a short preview of something I'm trying to do. Made while looking for inspiration for more music box songs.
Obvious choice of songs is obvious. I intended to make an RPG-themed mix but I guess it sounds like something from Super Smash Bros, hence the picture. :'D I'll probably change some instruments if I ever find better ones.

I'm seriously thinking about making non-Hetalia songs... (Rejoice! Your favorite songs will be left alone! ...But not now.)

(I have this bad habit of beginning something before finishing another. No wonder I have a huge pile of unfinished stuff. orz)

Art by coralstone (http://coralstone.deviantart.com/)

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It sounds awesome! You should try making more RPG-styled songs!
Por Neyuka-chan Há 4 anos