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    foamy windows

    Elke Andreas Boon

    par Elke Andreas Boon

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    ‘Foamy-windows', 2002 (projection image/sound ; 4' 20")

    A Turkish woman is driving through a suburb in a Mercedes. Not a great deal is happening on the streets, except the dull events of everyday life. We see a wallet being stolen, a non-event nobody takes any notice of. At a crossroads the driver is approached by a man with a bucket. The town is full of East European people, begging for money or offering to clean the windscreens of stopping cars. The Turkish woman in the Mercedes reacts like most people do: she ignores the man and moves on. Elke Boon's work shows how the relationship between people is often based only on power. Whoever has power will use it. Whoever is subjected, will subject others in their turn.