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    CARDOM - 120mm Recoil mortar

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    The CARDOM is a self propelled, self contained, fast moving, autonomous and "turn-table" 120/81mm Recoil Mortar, mountable on nearly any wheeled or tracked in-service platform. The system incorporates a buffer assembly (that attenuates the recoil loads) with a smooth bore barrel enabling larger caliber mortars to be mounted on smaller vehicles. The system fires all types of 120/81mm smooth bore ammunition, available worldwide. The mortar's Barrel can be easily dismounted, and together with a bipod and base plate can be ground deployed as a conventional mortar. This unique feature provides superior mission flexibility no longer preventing commanders from deploying their mobile mortars in narrow alleys, mountainous terrains and confined spaces. The system can accommodate rifled 120 mm barrels, as well.