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    The Number 23, Forum & Discussions 2


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    Visit For The Number 23, Forum & Discussions 2 Hope you like it... Once home, Walter starts reading the book, noticing what he takes to be odd similarities between himself and the main character, a detective who refers to himself solely as "Fingerling". The character explains that he got the name from an obscure children's book, one that Walter realizes, much to his surprise, that he had also owned and enjoyed as a child. Also of note, the book details Fingerling finding his neighbor, Ms. Dobkins dead (though Ms. Dobkins appears to have committed suicide, Fingerling imagines her murder.) This too parallels events in Walter's life, and he begins to believe that the book has some significance towards his own life. The book also details Fingerling's meeting with the "Suicide Blonde" whose bizarre obsession with the number 23 drives her to murder her boyfriend and commit suicide. In the novel, her explanations and calculations of almost everything — including names, birth dates, and colours — all add up to 23 (or variations such as 2 and 3 or 32), driving her insane.