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Visit For The Messenger, Forum & Discussions 2 Please rate and comment... At the movie's beginning, a frightened woman is with her son, telling him that he has to be strong and that everything is going to be okay. They are packing a suitcase, when she hears something coming towards the door and makes her son hide under the bed. The door bursts open and something throws the woman against the wall. The son, terrified, runs out of the room and into his equally scared sister. She grabs him and runs down the stairs. The boy hides under a table, but his sister is caught and pushed over the stair railings and is obviously injured. She then crawls to the boy and tells him to run, and soon she is dragged to the cellar as her nails scratch on the floor. The boy runs into the kitchen and hides in a cabinet. He is in the dark except for a crack of light that goes down the middle of his face. The light gets wider as he is found and pulled out. The sequence then ends.