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    Prof Anton Zeilinger Shows the Double-slit Experiment


    by blindwatcher

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    Dieter Heinrich
    In all the various expositions about this experiment, we never hear about the precision with which the photon is aimed at one or another slot. Doesn't this matter? Also, it is apparently not possible to "observe" a photon without interacting with it, causing it to change behaviour. If the observation is invasive, it isn't as surprising that the result is affected. But what if you observe the photon after the slit instead of before, and then what if you then move the detector ever further from the slit toward the screen until it is at last in the same plane as the screen? Is there a point at which the pattern flips into an interference pattern, or is the transition gradual? Finally, what happens when you run the experiment with heavier bullets like electrons that are less affected or not affected by the act of observation?
    Octav Chivulescu
    Is it about dual state of the matter, interference, or collision with the interiors surfaces and the corners of the wall thickness???
    Think about!!!

    I've make a short movie explain this, hope you find it useful:
    By Octav Chivulescu3 years ago
    David Trowbridge
    The essence of quantum mechanics in a 5-minute video. Essential.
    By David Trowbridge3 years ago
    Die so genannte Wellennatur der Photonen, Elektronen, Atome und so weiter ist nur eine Illusion. Diese Illusion wurzelt in Thomas Young Wellentheorie, die von Nature aus Falsch ist. Die nur Teilchenphysik ist in der Lage, alle Arten von Doppelspalt-Experimenten zu erklären. Dualismus existiert nur in den Verstand derer, die eine doppelte Wahrnehmung halten, und nicht in der realen Welt. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in dem Artikel “Der Misserfolg von Thomas Young Wellentheorie“, veröffentlicht in, Juli 2012.
    By keindualismus3 years ago