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    The Edge of Love, Forum & Discussions 2


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    Visit For The Edge of Love, Forum & Discussions 2 Comment and Subscribe please if you like it... The story is based loosely on real events and people, drawing on David N. Thomas' book Dylan Thomas: A Farm, Two Mansions and a Bungalow. During World War II, Vera Phillips (Keira Knightley) runs into her first love, charismatic Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys), and their feelings for each other are renewed, despite that Dylan is now married to the spirited Caitlin MacNamara (Sienna Miller). Despite their rivalry, the two women become friends and the trio have happy times together. When Vera marries soldier William Killick (Cillian Murphy), Dylan becomes jealous at the addition of him to the group, and Caitlin notices. But William is soon deployed abroad, and the remaining trio move to the Welsh countryside, where Vera's feelings for Dylan intensify. When William comes home from the war, his jealousy, compounded by his traumatic experiences and Vera's use of William's pay to aid the Thomases, explodes and he shoots up Dylan's house. However, despite Dylan's perjury, William is found innocent of attempted murder. The film closes with the Thomas family leaving their Welsh home and Caitlin parting with Vera.