How To Use Keyboard As Mouse

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Learn different shortcuts that will help you effectively navigate your desktop and computer programs by using only the keyboard and not the mouse. There are three tips discussed here. You can use the F1 key to display the help file of the program you are using. Pressing Alt and the first letter of the menu will allow you to access that menu. Finally, Alt plus D will bring you to the desktop screen and Alt and Tab will help you move from one open program to another.

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The blurb is more accurate Lyn you are talking about shortcuts and not mouse items. You have taken quite a few of the simple keyboard shortcuts and attempted to simplify them again by saying that they replace the mouse (you clearly dont understand what the mouse does if you think you are replacing the mouse).

In addition to this there are mistakes, you have said that you press ALT-, this is false across most applications. I am using IE right now, if I want the favourites and press ALT-f I will get the file menu. You have to press ALT-. On the ALT-F4, depending on the application you might close the entire application and not just the help, it is often better to use CTRL-F4 to attempt to close the screen first to prevent loss of data. You really need to be careful what you are putting out there as the production looks quite reasonable but the information provided is flawed.
By ehtkhr 3 years ago