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Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2011-01-28 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 13 Deer or Hand ♥ The Gaelic video - ♥ "RANSCRIPT" Intro: This is perhaps the most emotional video I’ve made - I don’t know. At any rate, while viewing a most beautiful video of a musical worship service. In clear, beautiful tones they sing the Ballad of the Three Marys, Caoineadh na dTrí Mhuire. No longer being either so tied to this lifetime or body/mind, I am often moved, deeply by some things, some places overseas - especially Scotland and the British Isles. I know I’ve been there, either many times, or in important lifetimes for me - they touch my heart powerfully. There is no mental explaining this - it just is. So anyway, in the midst of my appreciative tears, my enjoyment of these people, worshiping in their own tongue, something came clear to me that I came to the journal to share. From very deep arose a clear understanding of the cross, again - of the meaning of being poised perfectly, there at the center where the bars cross. We’ve been robbed, over long millennia, of the cross’ true meaning. It has nothing to do with torture. The Churchmen placed Jesus there, all bloody and battered and tortured, knowing most of us would look away - not think the cross something we’d want to come closer to. Yet its meaning is truly divine. That is what came to me, and from heart I tried to share what arose, within - how when we’re perfectly placed, right exactly balanced between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, that is it. That’s the precise point of the Christ consciousness - that perfect balance... Distributed by Tubemogul.