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    Masked robber buys disguise in shop he holds up


    by ODN


    A robber who bought a mask from a petrol station then wore it to hold-up the same garage has been jailed for five years.

    Neil Simons bought a Halloween mask at a petrol station in Cardiff and then returned three days later wearing it with an axe.

    CCTV footage shows the cashier begging him not to use it, but when he pulls the weapon she hands over the money in her till.

    The police were able to easily track him down as not only did he buy the mask in the store but he was the only one who had bought one.

    Simons told the court he needed the money to pay off debts he owed for drugs.

    His solicitor said: "The fact he bought the mask then returned to the same petrol station wearing it, shows it wasn't a sophisticated crime."