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    Suffolk murder musical angers Ipswich


    by ODN


    Family and friends of the five women murdered in Suffolk are appalled at the news that the events are to be turned into a London musical.

    The National Theatre have said that their production will be in the form of a documentary that looks at the effect of the murders on the community in Ipswich.

    But Brian Clennell, father of one of the victims Paula, said he is shocked by the idea: "What's it going to prove in the end making this musical? I think it's just macabre, it's just so sick."

    The musical is called London Road - the name of the road Steve Wright lived in. He was convicted of killing the women, who had been working in the town as prostitutes, in 2006.

    The Reverend Andrew Dotchin, who knew one of the victims Tania Nichol, has said that for the people of the town it is still a delicate subject and should not go ahead.

    But the theatre company have defended their plans. They have said that it will be a serious look at how a community was touched by tragedy.