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    Skins returns for fifth series


    by ODN


    TV drama Skins has returned for a fifth series with a brand new cast and a new, lighter tone to its storyline.

    Five of its stars were plucked from obscurity in open auditions last year. One of whom, Freya Mavor, promises "a huge change" from the previous series.

    "It has the same Skins vibe, definitely...the same atmosphere, the same exuberant characters, but it's almost like a different show in itself. In that, it's gone in a completely different direction which is a good step for them to take."

    The US version of the programme, broadcast by MTV, has come under fire for some of its racy content. However Dakota Blue Richards, cast member of the UK version, says "Skins always pushes boundaries - that's part of what makes it Skins."

    Hollywood star Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult first found fame in the British drama and new cast member Sebastian De Souza says it is a great platform for stardom.

    "It is a wonderful platform. We're all so grateful for the opportunity because it is a fantastic base to launch a career...what's nice about a show like this [is that] you don't get typecast."