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    Polo Match Turns Ugly in Jaipur, India as Referee Loses Cool


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Wednesday, a polo match referee lashed out at spectators during a match in northwestern India. Audience members stepped onto the field, claiming that the referee was biased by awarding two fouls to a player.

    A polo match turned ugly in India's Jaipur City on Wednesday. The referee clashed with spectators during a match at the Rajasthan Polo Club grounds.

    It happened during a polo match between an Army team of the 61st Cavalry and the Vodafone team.

    The referee lashed out at the spectators when audience members started hooting and entered the game premises after two successive fouls were awarded to a player.

    Several spectators were upset and claimed the referee was awarding numerous fouls to favor the Cavalry team.

    A long-time polo spectator says such an incident had never been seen in the past.

    [Ragopal Sharma, Spectator]:
    "Two wrong fouls were awarded and then the public started hooting. They put horses over the public. It is the first time I have seen that in polo game horses have been used to threaten the public."

    To defend the referee, the polo club secretary says safety was the main concern.

    [Digivjay Singh, Polo Club Secretary]:
    "Nothing has happened. He went to request the spectators as they were continuously entering the ground. We have also been announcing that. Since last four to five days, we have been requesting the spectators not to enter the ground. Safety is the first priority of the umpires."

    However, spectators want an apology from the referee for his behavior.

    Jaipur has the royal tradition of polo that has attracted huge crowds.