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    Czech and Slovak Hairdressing Awards 2010


    by NTDTelevision

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    Our Prague bureau have been mingling with the great and the good at the Czech and Slovak Hairdressing Awards 2010. Lets join them for a closer look.

    Prague welcomes many famous people, with one thing in common.

    They are attending the gala ceremony of the 2010 Czech and Slovak Hairdressing Awards.

    More than 20 competing hairdressers are waiting with impatience - who will take home this year's trophy?

    Among them is last year's winner Jana Burdova.

    [Jana Burdova, Competition Winner 2009]:
    "We are finishing our show. We have fifteen models, which is fairly difficult, but I think it will be very nice. There is a lot of work involved in this. The models' hair must be supported by all kinds of things that you can see here, so everybody's running on sheer adrenaline. So I don't have time to be nervous."

    The Hairdressing Awards Competition was founded in 1985 in Great Britain, under the auspices of the magazine Hairdresser Journal and Schwarzkopf Professional.

    In the following years it gradually spread to other countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, Belgium and many others.

    In the Czech Republic the competition was first held in the year 2000, when together with the Slovak Republic, they became the first of the Central European countries to become involved.

    We spoke to well known Czech hairdresser Mr. Jan Spilar, past winner of the Hall of Fame award, and now honorary chairman of the jury.

    [Jan Spilar, Honorary President of the Jury]:
    "I'm always tense because this night is the most important for each of the hairdressers. It is the night when the best one will be chosen."

    Tradition dictates that the previous year's winner presents their work during the gala. Jana Burdova contribution is called "To the Light."

    We asked Jana about her inspiration.

    This year's winner is Zoltan Takacs from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic.