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    by NMConsultant



    Maybe you have heard of Advacare products (it's spelled "Advocare")- or heard of someone's great weight loss results they received by using Advocare's products, and you are curious to learn more. Maybe you have heard of Spark, Catalyst, or the "24 Day Challenge".

    In all honesty, they truly work very well! In fact, in the first 2 weeks of being on products my wife lost 8 pounds (without going to the gym), and then went on to lose 20 pounds total!

    After I saw her physical changes, I really wanted to then get on the products myself... and I lost 10 pounds of fat, gained more muscle tone and definition than I had previously going to the gym 2-5 days/week, developed a "6 pack" (ab muscles), and now have more energy than I had before!

    In fact, the video above briefly discusses what the Advocare products do for you, and even some "before and after" pictures of myself and others who have used these supplements: