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    Floral Original Acrylic Painting & Cosmic Energy


    by Alex

    Barbara’s video testimonial is about floral painting by artist Elena Khomoutova. The painting has unique cosmic power to bring peace & joy to observer of the painting.
    Do you want to bring Joy & Light into your life? Then Get Light Within - limited edition giclee print energized to bring Joy & Light to people at:
    Imagine how you will fill when your problems gone! Act now & be really, really joyful. In the ancient world the iris was a symbol of power and majesty used as the original scepter. The oldest iris symbolism comes from Egypt where the iris was a symbol for life.
    You are about to get high quality giclee print created on one of the best archival quality HP paper. The size of the print is 24x24 inches (610 x 610 mm). The paper has a special layer to preserve colors for more then 82 years. Giclee prints on acid free canvas & elite embellished prints on canvas are also available. Only 197 24x24 inches (610 x 610 mm) prints on paper will be ever printed.
    Imagine how you will feel if you are lucky to have it on your wall just one from 197 in the whole world. This artwork was created by artist Elena Khomoutova. Certificate of Authenticity will be signed by Elena and provided with print.
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    Downloadable images are also available to put at your iphone, smart phone to bring energy to you at: