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    KaKaRoToKS PS3 Custom Firmware 3.56


    by playsstation3firmware

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    KaKaRoToKS PS3 Custom Firmware 3.56 For More Details Visit

    UPDATE: Cant keep up with all the messages so added a FAQ

    Q: Can I Jailbreak my PS3 with this package?

    A: Not on its own no. Once you install this update you will re enable the USB bug to ALLOW you to jailbreak your PS3 using one of the many usb methods currently available such as this one for the iphone (search YouTube for others ports such as android phones inc htc, ipod, palm pre, ti-84)

    Q: Is this detectable online?

    A: Currently, No

    Q: Can Sony fix this with an update?

    A: Yes, but this patched firmware will block all means of update except USB stick

    Q: What happens if Sony update the ps3 again?

    A: Then the new firmware will/should get patched and released for usb update.