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    Carolyn Jessop: Crimes of "Religion"-4/6

    Sunlight Oxygen

    by Sunlight Oxygen

    “It's getting more severe. The crimes are getting worse because when you don't have, when you have perpetrators with unlimited power, the crimes can get significantly bad and they can go there quickly. That's what we have here, and without society stepping in and taking that power away and having some consequences, the crimes will continue to get worse and the society is growing rapidly, and it's spreading all throughout the Western United States. One of the things that these polygamist communities are learning is they can take advantage of states quickly, because they move in, the states do not understand what's moved in on them, and they take advantage of that.”

    Carolyn Jessop now actively campaigns in defense of women and children still trapped in polygamy nationwide, including boys ejected from polygamist cults totally unprepared for the larger world, and for active enforcement of anti-polygamy laws. Her book about her life outside the FLDS is Triumph.