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    Taking an Alpine Viking Ride at Mont Saint-Sauveur


    by radiolynxcontent

    Mont Saint-Sauveur is one of the finest skiing regions in North America, one hour in the car from Montreal, but there doesn’t have to be snow on the ground to have a great time. During the summer not only is there awesome scenery and the wildlife, there is also a chance for some high adrenalin action.For example, there is the Alpine Viking Ride. It descends about 500 metres on a 1 mile stretch of track, reaching speeds of around 25 miles an hour, cutting through trees and rugged mountain terrain.
    The car slides down a series of steep descents and circular curves, with the passenger controlling the speed of the ride – you can choose not to brake or go slower and take more of a scenic trip.The great difference of this alpine coaster is that the toboggans are firmly connected to the rail system. That means that even when force is used, they cannot be separated from the rails. Additionally, the rails are built up to 6 metres above the ground.