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    In Search of Enlightenment? Deepak Chopra Says 'Just Be'



    In Search of Enlightenment? Deepak Chopra Says 'Just Be'
    Urban Zen Foundation - Urban Zen Center
    What is driving us as we look towards the future? Is it fear of disaster or is it a spiritually inspired motivation to create a better world? For those of us who feel responsible, this is a burning question. If we are to work together to create the next steps that so urgently need to be taken, it is essential that we begin to articulate and agree upon the values and principles that will guide us.Spiritual pioneers Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen, moderated by syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington, will engage in an afternoon of inquiry into the key questions that can help us navigate this challenging and rewarding terrain. In particular, they will focus on the place of spirit in today’s secular culture, and examine the role of spiritual development in forging the future.Don’t miss this rare opportunity to join two contemporary spiritual luminaries in thinking out loud about the direction of spiritual and social evolution.