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LIVE - Coming Our of Separation, Specialization - ...

7 years ago155 views

2011-01-26 2nd LIVE Journal, Mayan day 11 Serpent ♥ "TRANSCRIP" Intro: Going out into separation and division is very much part of what we did when we took on form - came into 3D. While in mind, the tendency is to identify with form - to see self as that. In order to embody on earth we had to do that - to leave behind our full union, our Source. Yet now we are entering the underlying union of all form. To the mind these are just words, on which it can philosophize forever, with very little deep meaning arising. It’s not that. We’re expanding even the fullness of our union by being here. By identifying, and working through it, we are blessed. All is one. Though just words to mind, in heart we get the experience of what this is. Not some mind-blowing experience, though that is also possible, but that’s not what I mean. There’s a gentle plugged-in-to-oneness that exists within heart. The Native Americans have never left this heart-centered way of understanding life. After watching once again a wonderful play list on my YouTube site of the elders, three Lakota Wisdom Keepers. I was covered in tears. The beauty of this video is intense - when viewed from the perspective of heart. You could even try viewing it from mind, first, the ‘Old way,’ then go back, center in heart, and view it again. You might be very surprised at the difference of your experience... Distributed by Tubemogul.