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    LIVE - Musings from Heart - Anointing

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2011-01-26 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 11 Serpent ♥ "TRANSCRIPT" Intro: What is it like to be in heart? That’s the question I’m pondering in this video journal. If you tune in, you can feel the energy of this. Be in heart. ;) What’s it like to take the trek from head to heart? Can you let go of the whole ball of wax - the way you used to view reality? That’s what is called for, at some point. But you don’t ‘Do’ this - it just happens, somehow. Very strange. Everything changes. Even words no longer mean what they did. It’s as if the you that you were disappears. Not all at once, usually - that can be tough. No, generally it’s much more gradual than that, giving us time to catch breath and adjust to the new vistas and levels and height. It’s a gradual (or swift) dying off to the old man, as the new man (or woman ;) arises. We don’t become mindless when we do this - though there may be stages where we’re mentally less sharp. That’s just from making the shift, moving the loyalties from the mind to the heart. That mental sharpness, as we used to define or view it, is strictly of mind. In heart there’s something more akin to Wisdom that we find. In the no-mind a Higher Knowing comes into being - or we come into it. (Remember, these are just words.) There’s an expansion of some sort that can’t be viewed linearly. The mind’s operations are still functional, still present - yet we now see how mind’s whole realm is such a small thing, next to the realm of the heart. Mind is beautifully placed in the lap of heart. The challenge can be that mind can’t comprehend this - almost none of it is accessible to mind. It can only ‘Go there’ theoretically - that’s all. That can give rise to some interesting situations, both within self and in interactions with others... Distributed by Tubemogul.