French "Spiderman" Climbs Hong Kong's Hang Seng Bank

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French "Spiderman" Alain Robert has successfully scaled the 27-story high Hang Seng Bank headquarters in Hong Kong. As usual, Robert used only his bare hands and climbing shoes, with no safety equipment.

French daredevil climber Alain Robert climbed the 27 stories of the 450 foot-high Hang Seng Bank headquarters in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Robert, who earned the nickname "French Spiderman" thanks to his habit of scaling high buildings -- usually without approval, did not reveal which building he planned to climb until he reached the site. This was to make sure his plan would not be stopped by authorities.

Building on the success of the climb, Robert plans to conquer the second-tallest building in Hong Kong, which is Two International Finance Center.

[Alain Robert, French Spiderman]:
"Hong Kong is a good place, you know, it's the right spot, there is so many buildings and some of them they are really fantastic piece, I am thinking especially about 2IFC which is, there is years and years, you know, that I am trying to get the approval."

It took Robert around 40 minutes to climb the Hang Seng Bank building, using just his bare hands and without any safety equipment.

A crowd of pedestrians gathered at the foot of the building to watch the death-defying stunt.

[Kate Makusenko, Onlooker]:
"I was just passing by and I saw this. He is crazy."

Despite not having official permission to scale the walls of the building, Robert was allowed to walk away without charges, after a short discussion with the police and the management of the building.

[Alain Robert, French Spiderman]:
"At the end of the day, I am very, very sure that there is absolutely zero damage and in terms of the law, what I did now is not considered as a crime, so then that is the reason why I have been released."

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