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    Covering Up - The Ultimate of Defensive Boxing Techniques

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

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    This defensive boxing technique you are about to look at is one of the most common boxing techniques that you see in any given fight. There is a very good reason for the regularity with which we can witness this defence being used, it’s because it works! The double arm block, also known as ‘covering-up’, is more than a simple defence; it’s a very effective tool for moving into range, from long range to mid/short range. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the double arm block is almost an act of surrender. Quite simply, it’s not! When used alongside other techniques, such as the defensive inside fighting blocks, and the full range of punches, you can quite easily dominate any opponent no matter their strength or level of aggression.

    If you want a virtually impregnable defence, make sure that you understand how and why we use this top boxing technique!