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In part 18 when Mario swopt Sam in place of himself, cos he won the save & replace task, showed Sam as a very vunerable housemate. I thought he was going to cry when Mario made his choice, it looks like Sam could insult people to high heaven , but when it comes to being nominated or chose for stuff he gets all little boyish and hurt, if you couldnt take it Sam, then you shouldnt have give it.
By mamajean 4 years ago
I dont think John was trying to make her feel bad tbh, I think he was trying to make her understand she voted in such a way that put her closest friends in jeopardy, she didn't think about the consequences of voting for Andrew and JJ. She may have thought that they wouldn't get any votes but she didn't know what Mario and Steve were thinking. If she had voted for who she would have done in the diary room, yes, one of the two she'd nominated may have been up but she wouldn't be in the position she was in where she'd contributed to one of her closest friends being up. I remember thinking at the time, 'oh God Jos, what have you done!' I did feel for her though, I think she was just oblivious.
By 77annaMT 4 years ago
Part 19 I dont think John needed to make Josie feel any worse than she already felt in JJ2 being nominated through her added nom. It was a game John, and Josies decision who she picked, she only did it because she thought JJ would have had none or little votes anyway, so he didnt need to speak to her as an aurthoritive dictator. Who did he think he was !
By mamajean 4 years ago