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    Fine Art Admirers Gather At Christie's Art Exhibition In Roc


    by NTDTelevision

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    Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction took place in Rockefeller Plaza today at 7pm. Dozens of art admirers from around the world gathered to appreciate art in its finest form.

    Christie's affluent gallery showcased hundreds of paintings from renowned artists ranging from Salvador Dali and Picasso to Marc Chagall and Monet, featuring paintings being auctioned at prices of up to 128 million US dollars.

    Some of the world’s most sought after artists such as Andy Warhol and Giorgio Armani had monumental-scale paintings being auctioned at prices of up to 57 million dollars.

    Another leading highlight was Winter Bears by Jeff Koon. At over 47 inches in height, this pair of child-sized sculptures, with their wide eyes, matching clothing and adorable faces, warmly welcomes us into a distinct, magical world.

    Christie’s fine art gallery has three floors filled with paintings, sculptures and antique furniture from diverse time periods. Timeless masterpieces from artists such as Peter Paul Rubens and Albert Andre depict the essence and spirit of human nature with flawless skill and precision.

    [Jack Gray, New York resident]:
    "That’s one of the most interesting thing about auctions is that a lot of this work is from private hands, and it surfaces here and disappears again back in the private hands. Every now and then it’ll show up at a museum and the public will get to see it. It’s a great opportunity."

    Christie’s fine art gallery is also holding auctions in London, Paris and Los Angeles. And for those who aren't able to spend 50 million dollars on a painting, the exhibition is opened to everyone from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

    NTD News, New York.