La Cueva High reacts to suspension

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nd students are reacting to the punishment handed down to la cueva football coaches over allegations of players drinking on a school bus.. and new at 10- one of those football players who was on the bus that night tells us what he saw... joe vigil is live at la cueva high school to kick off our team coverage of tonight's big story. one football minute thumbnail 10:00 pm player we talked to late tonight says he stands by his head football coach 100% and is frustrated he's being transferred from here "and" won't be coaching again. so what really happened on that la cueva football bus on the way home from the las cruces? marcus mora was there. "i didn't see anything happen on that bus." the senior says there was nothing unusual about the ride home. there were tired players, frustrated players but says he didn't see anyone drinking. "could people have been sneaking it hiding it? i honestly don't know, if they did then i don't know about it sir." mora says if players were drinking and coach romero knew about it he would have put a stop to it. "we'd be in big trouble sir. he would probably alert the school and we're probably get a 45 days suspension from school activities and any other punishment after that." mora says he never even heard about the allegations until his mom saw the minute thumbnail 10:01 pm story break on the news.