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Gordon, Elias, & Seely L.L.P. 1811 Bering Drive, Suite 300 Houston, TX 77057 Call 1-800-773-6770 to speak to a real truck accident lawyer. Also visit us at: Truck accidents involving serious injury are terrible occurrences in the lives of the families involved. In Los Angeles, CA wrongful death along truck routes and interstates with personal injuries suffered from a truck accident forever change familys’ lives. The Texas based truck accident attorneys at Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. can serve clients throughout CA, including Los Angeles, with serious injury cases involving truck accidents. The truck accident lawyers at Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. have a network of nationwide truck accident lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases involving truck crashes. Tractor trailer and 18 wheeler crashes are a horrible occurrence. If you were involved in a truck crash or suffered a semi trucking injury on a highway call truck accident attorneys Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. today.