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    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Love's Lovers


    by poetictouch

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Love's Lovers - Here Rossetti, played by Aidan Turner in the BBC series Desperate Romantics, talks about the ideal version of Love, the idea that it comes from a higher power, a cupid figure.

    Love's Lovers
    by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

    Some ladies love the jewels in Love's zone,
    And gold-tipped darts he hath for painless play
    In idle scornful hours he flings away;
    And some that listen to his lute's soft tone
    Do love to vaunt the silver praise their own;
    Some prize his blindfold sight; and there be they
    Who kissed his wings which brought him yesterday
    And thank his wings to-day that he is flown.

    My lady only loves the heart of Love:
    Therefore Love's heart, my lady, hath for thee
    His bower of unimagined flower and tree:
    There kneels he now, and all-anhungered of
    Thine eyes grey-lit in shadowing hair above,
    Seals with thy mouth his immortality.