DNA Lab relocation 'politically motivated'

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the state minute thumbnail 06:32 pm supreme court clears the way for the states dna crime to move to santa fe. today the high court ruled the department of public safety can move its dna drime lab to its headquarters despite opposition from the albuquerque police department -- which has been operating the lab for years. but susana martinez is saying not so fast. gadi schwartz was at today's supreme court hearing- he is live with more. susana martinez sent over statement about an hour ago- calling this move "politics at its worst." martinez and albuquerque's public safety director darren white both taking shots at the states secretary of public safety john denko saying- moving the dna lab to new mexico in the final days of richardsons administration is politically motivated - would waste taxpayer money- and could jeopardize criminal prosecution. but denko says the move would save 400,000 minute thumbnail 06:33 pm thousand dollars- and increase dna turnaround. currently the dna lab in albuquerque has to send samples out of state for processing. denko says in santa fe dna could be processed on site in a week. denko also says he has been trying to move the lab since early this year but officials in albuquerque have been trying to sabotage the deal to keep cushy jobs. "they were trying to torpedo it in everyway that they could to keep the function there and keep certain people employed that probably shouldn't be employed anymore." denko says the fbi will move the lab to santa fe by the end of the week. but martinez vowed to order the dna lab moved back down to albuquerque once she takes office next week. still no word on how much all of this will cost taxpayers- live in santa fe, gadi schwartz, eyewitness news four.