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    Beverly Hills Nose Job Surgery by Revision Rhinoplasty Expert Dr. Nassif


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    Paul Nassif

    by Paul Nassif

    Tel: (310) 275-2467

    LIZ: The first time the doctor made my tip too narrow and I didn't look like myself. The second time the doctor made my tip too wide, and removed extra bone from the side of my nose that didn't need to be removed.

    My initial consultation with Dr. Nassif was fantastic! He treated me liker his own daughter, and was very caring and thorough. He went over everything!

    My desired outcome would be to put the bone back inside my nose and to make the tip more narrow so its just not so bulbous, That's really it, and to make it just EVEN. Its not even right now, so that's the goal!

    Dr. Nassif took great care of me and I am very happy with my results.
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    Tel: (310) 275-2467