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    Complete facial surgery experience (Asian) performed by Beverly Hills Real Housewives Surgeon Dr. Nassif


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    Paul Nassif

    by Paul Nassif

    164 views, 310.275.2467

    The endoscopic brow lift is performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia or can be performed under general anesthesia with tumescent technique. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

    Comprehensive Face and Neck Lift
    Aging of the face is inevitable. As the years go by, the skin on the face and neck begins to loosen. The jaw line softens into jowls and excess tissue forms at the front of the neck.

    Asian upper and lower Blepharoplasty with peri-orbital fat grafting
    This procedure aims to surgically create creases in the eyelids of Asian patients. Generally, the Asian lid starts at the crease very close to the eyelashes.

    Chin augmentation is a common procedure performed to improve the balance of your facial profile and correct a "weak" chin or receding chin due to congenital deficiency, age-related bone resorption or facial trauma.