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    Rt Hon Priest Jah Headley Coconut Craft

    Rt. Hon. Priest Jah Headley's Coconut Crafts
    Coconut galore!!! Everything coconut!!! Cup, jug, mug, saucer, bowl, plate, tea set, coffee set, juice set, pen holder, letter holder, box, case, flower pot, ashtray, tray reservoir, coconut pin, pendant, earring, all cloth and crochet articles, bag, salvation bag, robe, turban, regalia, you name it! Call, email, link up My Lord & Empress
    The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church Of Salvation Formerly at 54B Spanish Town Road now headquartered at 10 miles Bull Bay, St Andrew JA, aka Bobo Hill 13 Marcus Garvey Way, Zion Hill. Royal Gate House : tel (+876) 578 6798. Empress League : tel (+876) 886 5650. Email : EABIC Bobo Shanty @Facebook. Never get weary yet, Ethiopian, We never get weary yet, For we've been down in the valley for a very long time and we never get weary yet Black House of Israel! Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari !