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    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Lovesight


    by poetictouch

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Lovesight - Here Rossetti, played by Aidan Turner in the BBC series Desperate Romantics, speaks of his love for love itself; how it gives his life meaning and how his world would be so much darker for its loss.

    by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

    When do I see thee most, beloved one?
    When in the light the spirits of mine eyes
    Before thy face, their altar, solemnize
    The worship of that Love through thee made known?
    Or when in the dusk hours, (we two alone),
    Close-kissed and eloquent of still replies
    Thy twilight-hidden glimmering visage lies,
    And my soul only sees thy soul its own?

    O love, my love! if I no more should see
    Thyself, nor on the earth the shadow of thee,
    Nor image of thine eyes in any spring, —
    How then should sound upon Life's darkening slope
    The ground-whirl of the perished leaves of Hope,
    The wind of Death's imperishable wing?