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    Woman survives 330 foot suicide plunge


    by ODN

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    Amor Tila
    she's clearly outta her mind! poor sick lady what's probably the reason she would of done that
    By Amor Tila4 years ago
    Alex Milligan
    she was clearlly sick of shouting for taxi's and never getting them.
    By Alex Milligan4 years ago
    Alana Ramos
    By Alana Ramos4 years ago
    Gabriel Adorno
    it doesnt its the stop that does yah true wait her fucking face on bleeding in it the car is uf cked how is she living
    By Gabriel Adorno4 years ago
    Gunnar Cortes
    of course the fall didn't kill her.. it never does. It's the sudden stop that kills.
    By Gunnar Cortes4 years ago
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