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Management of artists

il y a 7 ans211 views

Management of artists: presentation of different European models.

Some members, who are also managers, of MMFF and of IMMF will meet to share their experience in order to instigate strategies for artistic careers' development.
Do new ways of communication really offer perspective to new artists?
The impact of managers on the artist career development

In such a difficult economical context as the music industry went through last years, the importance of the manager is taking on new dimensions. How can he defend his artist? Managers from different European countries will try to answer this question confronting their own experiences.

English speaking seminar

* Cathy Bitton - founder ang manager of - Saraswati Music

* David Barat (Fr) - Bellevue Management
* Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (UK) - Executive Director - International Music Managers' Forum
* Florian Brauch (De) - Managing Director - SPARTA Entertainment
* Eivind Brydoy (No) - management company Vox Artist (Scandinavian artists within rock, soul and metal) - Vox Artist

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Management of artists
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